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Turning Machine Parts

Jy Chyun’s turning machine parts are one of the main products since the inception in 1984.

With mature techniques, we are able to fulfill a wide range of various requirements from the mechanical specification to the material treatment.

Our productions can be applied widely with vehicle antennas, cell phone antennas, RF connector parts etc. 

 From 0.5mm to 63mm

  •  Material in: free cutting brass, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, ARCAP, aluminum, stainless steel, insulator etc. 
  •   Surface Treatment with: self color, chromium, nickel, gold, silver, tin, electroless nickel, alloy plating etc.


We can also support our clients with documents as follows:

  • CPK Value
  • Specs Value  
  • Materials Certification
  • Plating Certification(X-Ray Certification Report)